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Smarter Home Reward Points Program


The Smarter Home Reward Points Program (Program) offered by Smarter Home Solutions (The Company) is designed to help you get the most out of your membership. We reward you for doing the things you already do: shop on The Smarter Home Reward Points (Reward Points) that you have collected can be converted into credits to partially or fully pay for your orders at Please read the information given on this page carefully to understand how the Program works.


Upon notice, The Company may, in its sole and absolute discretion, cancel, change, suspend or modify any aspect of the Program and/or any Reward Points at any time, including the availability of any Reward Points.


When will this Progam starts or ends?

This Program began on 25th April 2021 and will continue until The Company decided to terminate, suspend or change it to another reward program.


Who is eligible to join this Program?

This Program is open to all registered members of To become a member, you simply need to register for a free Smarter Home account at


How do I earn the Reward Points?

Once you have become a Member, you can begin racking up Reward Points by simply shop at Every time you purchase something (products and/or services) from, you earn 1 Reward Point for every RM1 spent (excluding shipping and payment fee).


Will I get Reward Points if I purchase Smarter Home products from other channels like Lazada, Shopee, Facebook, and Walk-in?

No. This Program is only applicable for purchases made in online shop.


How do I check my Reward Points balance?

You can check your Reward Points balance at after you log in to your account.


What can I do with the Reward Points?

The Reward Points that you have collected can be converted into credits to partially or fully pay for your orders at the


How much is each Reward Point worth?

The Reward Points value is not calculated at a fixed rate. The more Reward Points you have in your hand, the higher the value it will be. For the latest rate, please refer to the Reward Points Redemption page.


How do I redeem the Reward Points?

You can redeem or convert your Reward Points into credit at


Can I request/demand to convert the Reward Points into cash?

No, you cannot. The Reward Points are strictly for credit redemption only.


How do I get my refund if the order is paid using credits?

You will be refunded in credits too.


Will the Reward Points expired?

The Reward Points offered in this Program will not expire. It will be good for as long as the Program is valid.


Can I transfer my Reward Points to another member/account?

Reward Points are not transferable.